The Artist


Catarina Rodrigues is a concept artist and illustrator from Elizabeth, NJ. Her work spurs from her interest in visual storytelling and fantasy films that began at a young age. During her early years as an artist, Catarina would often gather inspiration from the works of Stephen Gimmel, Greg Simkins, and Jim Henson. After high school, Catarina enrolled in Montclair State University where she would begin her early experience in the creative industry. Before graduating with her B.F.A in Animation and Illustration, She would already have worked alongside professional animators, game designers, commercial illustrators, children book illustrators, and art therapists. After college, Catarina went on to work as a motion capture animator for pre-visualization, commercial, and gaming use. Today, Catarina is focusing on developing her whimsical vision through her digital paintings and illustrations to express various narratives and imaginary worlds.